update on the fair!

September 11, 2009

Hey guys i just got back from camp the updates just got released!

First the updates on the fair have started and you can get the new hat for 150 tickets. If you need tickets scroll down.

Dont you think its wierd how they display the hats on human faces not penguins? anyway.

The new Pin is at the Pizza Parlour and is the 101 Days pin. The whole 101 idea was a bit of a failure but whatever.

New PIN!

Something else too. there some places around the island where black ninja puffles are sitting if you are a ninja put on either your member costume or the black belt and mask then walk towards them to set them on FIRE!! If your not already a ninja click here

The new old stage called “The Penguins That time Forgot” is back for like the trillionth time. gawd, I wish theyd put in new ones.

click The costume trunk to view the stuff and also there the background too

Click The G to get the grass skirt

You can also get the old background.


New newspaper!

December 11, 2008

Update : thanks to my friend ripe red ham for helping me become a ninja!

Hello penguin! slider123 here lets start off with the new newspaper It explains ALOT about coins for change nearly on every page!

Coins for change and Rockhopper is coming tomorrow cant wait! I think Rockhopper made it so that coins you earn go to coins for change if you would like them to!

Today in the “secrets revealed” was the silver surfboard everyone knows that!

In other news I became a ninja yesterday it took me 8 tries to beat sensei! Once you beat him you can go to a secret hideout!