Igloo upgrades & Items!

September 18, 2009

Hey guys CP released all the igloo things today well start with the igloo items cheats!

Click the ticket booth for the Piano:

Click the Window for the Bowling alley:

Click the Gramophone for the band stage:

click the construction barrier for the bowling pin:

Click the Column ruins for the guitar stand:

Click the Torch for the LCD:

Thats all for the items now for the igloo Upgrades!

Click the crowbar for the secret stone igloo:

Click the all four candies for the Gingerbread house!:

Click the Door for the secret deluxe stone igloo:

Well thats all guys! Comment what you think about the cheats!




update on the fair!

September 11, 2009

Hey guys i just got back from camp the updates just got released!

First the updates on the fair have started and you can get the new hat for 150 tickets. If you need tickets scroll down.

Dont you think its wierd how they display the hats on human faces not penguins? anyway.

The new Pin is at the Pizza Parlour and is the 101 Days pin. The whole 101 idea was a bit of a failure but whatever.

New PIN!

Something else too. there some places around the island where black ninja puffles are sitting if you are a ninja put on either your member costume or the black belt and mask then walk towards them to set them on FIRE!! If your not already a ninja click here

The new old stage called “The Penguins That time Forgot” is back for like the trillionth time. gawd, I wish theyd put in new ones.

click The costume trunk to view the stuff and also there the background too

Click The G to get the grass skirt

You can also get the old background.

Party started!

August 15, 2009

Hey guys! the new festival of flight party has started!

There some new items!

The green propeller cap!. = town.

In other news the new pin has been released its in the mine as a sandcastle! walk on it to pick it up!

New pin

There are some easy ways to tell that the party has started!

try going to the iceberg!

Try going to the cove or dock!



The hydro hopper is in a tunnel that leads to the water!

Alot of people are forgeting why we are having this party in the first place????!!! to fix the crack in the pool!

The glass has been taken out.

The following in brackets is from


and all credit goes to him because i am non member and cannot do it

(There’s a member’s only area at the Forest. Here’s how to get there:

1. Click on the map in the lower right.
2. Go to the Forest.
3. Enter the balloon ride room.


4. Wait until the balloon ride reaches the Tallest Mountain.
5. Exit the Balloon ride and go to the Tallest Mountain.
6. Click on the member’s only item, the Jetpack!



You can fly with the jetpack take of all items and click D on your keyboaard!

Something also that is cool, if you go to the mountain there is a cloud maker!

There different clouds it makes!

  • Rubber Duckie
  • Purple Puffle
  • Rockhoppers’ ship
  • Anvil
  • Fluffy the fish.

Thats all!



Newspaper 199 & more

August 6, 2009

Hey guys,

First off CP released the new newspaper which included some important stuff.

The first thing was the colour vote!

And the winner is….


Next is the festival of flight.

G said he plans to lift the whole island of clubpenguin into the sky to fix the leak using hot air ballons and jetpacks… i think


Thats all guys!

Waddle on


I might quit

February 9, 2009

hey guys im thinking about quitting im in year 6 now and i have tons of homework and my computer is always really slow so if you would like to post on my site please comment and i will pick one of you i will still go on cp if i can and i might post sometimes

comment bellow if you would like to be on this site

New pin and catalog

January 17, 2009

Hey guys! The new pin and catalog came out! here are the cheats!

Pin secrets The taco pin is at the snow forts under the clock tower

Catalog secrets First off there is a new catalog! its pretty cool it a whole lot of terracotta stuff.

Click the terracotta sun for the “superhero’s” poster

Click the red carpet rope for the Welcome mat

Thats all folks!

Dj club and member party

January 16, 2009

Hey guys! sorry for not posting my computer sucks -_-

Ok head over to town and check the new member party! awesome I’m using my member penguin.

Go to the corner for the jukebox/speaker system you can do an awesome dance with it, The break!

Here the pic To break take of all items except jukebox/speaker system and press D on your keyboard!

You can also change the light on the floor it’s pretty sweet press the buttons to see.

Go to the side of the room to go in the dance contest I find it boring ’cause it’s pretty much the same thing as guitar hero which i got for christmas 🙂 ( I got number 3).

You play by puching the arrow buttons on your keyboard I find it boring.

It’s also really cool how your name shows up on the screen.

Well thats about it for the dance party! have fun and enjoy