Rare pengs

Here are some rare penguins i have seen, met and talked to!

Phlat: rareness 10/10

Snow man: rareness 10/10

Amy24: rareness 8.5/10

Beachmixer1: rareness 8/10

Bruins4: Rareness 7.5/10

Slugger12:rareness 10/10

Mmxfhmfhm: rareness 10/10

Rokey1: rareness 8.5/10

Domas: rareness 8.5/10

Carolinagurl: rareness 10/10

White Wizard: rareness 10/10

Man101: rareness 11/10

Sixer3516:rareness 10/10

Scropp: rareness 9.5/10

Faygos:rareness 10/10

Trentster101:rareness 10/10

Fatmen: rareness 10/10

Spartan700: rareness 9/10

Slim Shaydy: rareness 10/10

Tootsiepink: rareness 10/10

Fano!: rareness 12/10

Gronnie: rareness 11/10

Joao: rareness 10/10

Capfowl: rareness 10/10

Barnop47: rareness 10/10

Caitypo11: rareness 10/10

Gooer: rareness 10/10

Harper223: rareness8.5/10

Monkey9505: rareness 9/10

Mc hammer: rareness 9/10


41 Responses to Rare pengs

  1. slider123 says:

    If any are rated unwell plz comment

  2. revinder says:

    I am not there and I have the pizza pin and rare clothes….


  3. empire255 says:

    Phlat Is My Buddy On Cp 🙂

  4. wexfief says:

    I am not there and I have the apple pin which is older than the teddy bear.

  5. wexfief says:

    I’m ling to u ppl

  6. SOO SORRY says:

    im ling to u ppl isnt really wexfief srry wexfief i felt like doin tht

  7. Casey Balajadia says:

    dude fatmen is my buddy i have knowed him sice he made his penguin so that means im rare my penguin linkinhearts is rare

  8. Sharp Ninja says:

    That’s really cool Slider. I cant believe u saw them on cp too. My blog is http://sharpninja.wordpress.com I am not rare but i wish i was. Waddle on.

  9. Hunterbug is rare at least 9/10 or 10/10 his

    Slider123: Cool maybee i’ll meet him someday.


  10. spikeman8 says:

    i want to be rare how to you become rare

    Slider123: I’m not rare im only 286 days old i started at the start of this year


  11. Uh I am Hunterbug
    … 😐

    Slider123: I knew that because your name is pokesav/hunterbug 🙂


  12. I am also Pokesav AKA penguinchatter from youtube

  13. Once I get logged on(If I can XD) I’ll take a pic and let you use it on here.

  14. lilmissyxmaz says:


  15. I’m going on cp later today Idk If I’ll be on Hunterbug(Because he isn’t fully mine he’s also my brothers) Or Pokesav but I may not depeneds if I get ungrounded P.S. Me and my brother share my account that’s why my user name is pokesav but my name is ρокєѕДч/нџитєявџģ.

  16. snowy1900 says:


  17. Detroit87 says:

    I am 7.5-8.5 in rareness

    Slider123: Cool!


  18. wexfief says:

    What does ling mean? My oldest pin is the Apple.

  19. wexfief says:

    Someone copied me too. Who is that guy? I’m sick of him!

  20. wexfief says:

    Nvm about the last comment.

  21. slideslider1 says:

    cool man!!!

  22. slideslider1 says:

    heyy, visit http://www.antney123.wordpress.com its mine and add it to your blogroll

  23. Ruby ele says:

    Hey I Won tootsie pink

  24. flubby123456 says:

    I’m 887 days old…

  25. awsomecp05 says:

    im almost 1,000

    FatMen lol funny name

  26. I Rok Dude says:

    Rocky1 is my buddie on cp 🙂

  27. spike6196 says:

    I have the fire pin, blue hawaiian necklace, red bandana, and the festival of snow shirt. What would I be rated?

  28. qbert2020 says:

    im shadow and over 1000 days old

  29. snowy1900 says:

    what about me? lol im over 800 days old! lol

  30. caitypo11 says:

    I am currently 1142 days old and I have red lei pink beanie black beanie and also first pin.My 2 pengs name is wademan554 and he is 1197 days old

  31. Paintboy1905 says:


    i dont know how it got banned

  32. Ripe red ham says:

    Red,im kinda old like 6.3 rare

  33. Caitypo11 says:

    Im caitypo11 =D

  34. Royalsno9 says:

    You forgot Royalsno9

    Hes a beta

    He never wears his hat

  35. Royalsno9 says:

    copy this and look at pic of me


  36. extrapeng says:

    sniffle… my old penguin should be on that list but it’s banned for good… it joined on 05/06/2006 (oldest item: red bandana last item ever bought: christmas teddy)

  37. Joe80s says:

    hey why didnt u put microchip123 on it hes rare

  38. Leighmcgggg says:

    hi i know Both Phlat and Phlat Jr.

  39. trjkghghisawsome says:

    can i send you my peng???

  40. lexoguy says:

    I Know Who makes this website

  41. wordpress1234567890 says:

    Mainly everyone’s rare, I mean what’s the chance of me finding you?

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