The Newspaper!

August 27, 2009

Hey Guys, Slider here ! Cp just released the new newspaper and rockhopper can be seen in the telescope!

Its mainly about the fall fair which is one of the best parties!!!

The article talked about the fair and other stuff like that

Also in other news the play “the penguins that time forgot” is coming back…i wish that theyd stop bringing back plays and start making more ones.

Comment what you think about the fall fair and the play!




New play and igloo items

August 27, 2009

Hey guys! the new play and igloo items has been released.

Well start with the play its called the underwater adventure.

There is also a background at the back which looks alright

There is also a new igloo items catalogue to view it follow these steps:

  1. Click Home icon on the speech bar on the bottom
  2. click the tapemeasure
  3. click the igloo items icon

There are heaps of catalogue secrets!

Click on the stove on the first page for the bowling pin.

Click the top left pane of glass on the next page for the bowling alley.

Click the Gramophone for the band stage.

Click the DJ table for the wall speakers

Click the Stone Column Ruins for the Guitar stand

Click the Bamboo Torch for the LCD TV

Click the Medieveil banner for the Penguin knight sculpture

Ok Guys thats all cya next time!



Party started!

August 15, 2009

Hey guys! the new festival of flight party has started!

There some new items!

The green propeller cap!. = town.

In other news the new pin has been released its in the mine as a sandcastle! walk on it to pick it up!

New pin

There are some easy ways to tell that the party has started!

try going to the iceberg!

Try going to the cove or dock!



The hydro hopper is in a tunnel that leads to the water!

Alot of people are forgeting why we are having this party in the first place????!!! to fix the crack in the pool!

The glass has been taken out.

The following in brackets is from

and all credit goes to him because i am non member and cannot do it

(There’s a member’s only area at the Forest. Here’s how to get there:

1. Click on the map in the lower right.
2. Go to the Forest.
3. Enter the balloon ride room.


4. Wait until the balloon ride reaches the Tallest Mountain.
5. Exit the Balloon ride and go to the Tallest Mountain.
6. Click on the member’s only item, the Jetpack!



You can fly with the jetpack take of all items and click D on your keyboaard!

Something also that is cool, if you go to the mountain there is a cloud maker!

There different clouds it makes!

  • Rubber Duckie
  • Purple Puffle
  • Rockhoppers’ ship
  • Anvil
  • Fluffy the fish.

Thats all!



Newspaper 199 & more

August 6, 2009

Hey guys,

First off CP released the new newspaper which included some important stuff.

The first thing was the colour vote!

And the winner is….


Next is the festival of flight.

G said he plans to lift the whole island of clubpenguin into the sky to fix the leak using hot air ballons and jetpacks… i think


Thats all guys!

Waddle on


Email me!

August 5, 2009

Hey guys if u wanna email me my email is

Email me!

Waddle on!

Blue&Red party preview!

August 4, 2009

Hey guys CP just announced theres gonna be another party soon see the pic? if not heres a peek!

Im pretty sure its gonna be the blue and red party where u get the facepaint!



Dragon eggs!

August 3, 2009

Please click all of my eggs! or else they will die!