66 Funny pictures

This is my funny picture page these are all made by me but on some pictures I might off stole the idea please enjoy.If you want to use these on ure site please ask first or I will report your site to wordpress and shut it down. And I dont wanna do that

Excuse me Im taking a nap!

Im Red mrp santa!

I’m the best harpist ever!

Help! the octopus is eating me!

Get me a soda Mullins!


No more drinking! (credit to wweadam for the idea)

It’s rude to point!

No comment

are they cookies or pizzas?

Get down from there Fluffy!

Hey teddy bear!

Rockhopper got covered in snow!!!

Die penguin!!!!

Naughty Bob!


Help ! its the talkin tree!!!!

Where are the keys?

Naughty puffle!

That lions beak hurt!

Run for your lives!!!

My beak! its stuck!

It burns!!!

I like money!!!!

The talking puffle

We ran out of socks….

Help me!!!

the cp money stealer!

Aunt arctic dies 😦 🙂

surfer grabber!

Aqua surfer!


Whers the doctor?

I have a an invisibility cloak

It is now bub

I took over cp!

The tour guide scammer

I got my new wig yesterday

Luck the board is there

That hurts!

Im sooo fat

Dont leave me!

My face!

the dead penguin

Ohh a coin

A nice day for the sun part 1

A nice day for the sun part 2

I dont wanna run!

Bunny’s only!

Im a dog!

The menu is gibberish!

Wheres the bathroom?

The killer train!

My puffle is evil!

CP can u please give my arm back!

Now this is getting out of hand

Now fellas youv had your fun now can i please have my arms back. “OOOOWWWWWW” my leg!!!

MY HEAD!!!!!!!!    Help im dying!!!!        *DEAD* RIP

Die candle!

My name is play find four!

I am sooo thirsty!

Ohh a ruby!, lets steal it!

Free fish!

More free fish!

Im not sure whose that is


14 Responses to 66 Funny pictures

  1. ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ says:

    Lol Make more! More! More! 😛

  2. slider123 says:

    more coming soon

  3. Cool

  4. snowy1900 says:


  5. slider123 says:

    i will update when i have time

  6. Sharp Ninja says:

    U rule slider! but how do u get the pics? do u use a program? cuz i have a blog and i wanna make it really good!

  7. spikeman8 says:

    are you billybobs friend

    Slider123: No i just realised, that card is a dud if you click delete it says “are you sure you want to delete this card from billybobaa” so yer


  8. spikeman8 says:

    i have a blog at http://www.spikeman8.wordpress.com

  9. spikeman8 says:

    can you be my friend slider plz my penguin is called spike man8

    Slider123: Sorry I dont add people that often right now I only have 8 buddies out of 100


  10. spikeman8 says:

    meet me on flippers at the dock 4:00pm uk time

    Slider123: I live in australia our time zones are different sorry


  11. slider123 says:

    I think this is my best page! 😀 😀 😀 😛 :p

  12. Ripe red ham says:

    Hmmm cool red

  13. Darknerr says:

    Cool photos!

  14. pup320 says:

    Wow Those Are Alot Better Then Mine, Well I Didnt Make Any Caz I Am Really To Busy. But Maybe If You Would Like To Help Me Bring My Blog To Success With Me? Then We Could Make Some Funny Pictures Together And Fix Up The Blog! If You Would Like To Please Comment Back On My Blog! Thanx So Much Buddy! {Pup}


    Maybe! but i am quite busy and juggling 2 blogs at once would be hard……I’ll think about it!!



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