New Pin!

Hey guys the new pin is here!

How to get the new pin:

  1. Open up your map
  2. Click the cove on the right
  3. Walk on it to pick it up!

You now have the new pin!

Also the new Snow and sports catalogue has been released there are no new cheats!

It now has green team as part of it?!

Also Check the lighthouse! its full of decorations!!!

(Click to view full size)

Thats all for now!




2 Responses to New Pin!

  1. gulchi says:

    Hello guys,

    Gulchi posting.

    My site’s Blogroll 2 is out!If u couldnt be on my main blogroll,you can be on blogroll 2.Here are the requirements for being on it :

    Have me on your blogroll.(Must)
    Have over 5,000 hits.
    If you have fulfiled the above requirements comment at any post and i may add u.

    Currently,there are only 4 spots left.So,hurry!



  2. aww come on i have had u on my blogroll for ages since u like had 5000 hits

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