New play and igloo items

Hey guys! the new play and igloo items has been released.

Well start with the play its called the underwater adventure.

There is also a background at the back which looks alright

There is also a new igloo items catalogue to view it follow these steps:

  1. Click Home icon on the speech bar on the bottom
  2. click the tapemeasure
  3. click the igloo items icon

There are heaps of catalogue secrets!

Click on the stove on the first page for the bowling pin.

Click the top left pane of glass on the next page for the bowling alley.

Click the Gramophone for the band stage.

Click the DJ table for the wall speakers

Click the Stone Column Ruins for the Guitar stand

Click the Bamboo Torch for the LCD TV

Click the Medieveil banner for the Penguin knight sculpture

Ok Guys thats all cya next time!




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