new dance game updates

Hey guys, there has been a few new updates to the dance game cp has added some cheats aswell.

Expert mode:

To do expert mode click    “I wanna dance solo”

Then when cadence pops up click her head.

Then it will say this

Then click the first button to enter expert mode

Purple puffle cheat:

To earn a few extra coins, take your purple puffle along with you . It dances along with you and it is funny to watch.

This is a funny picture of the puffle when i took a picture of it!

Also clubpenguin has updated the start screen AGAIN! it keeps talking about members so maybe they want more members to sign up?


7 Responses to new dance game updates

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  4. spike6196 says:

    Just FYI. Remember I won a contest and you gave me Mikel Myers? He’s banned now. 😦

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  6. slider123 says:

    u were but u didnt do anything

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