Dj club and member party

Hey guys! sorry for not posting my computer sucks -_-

Ok head over to town and check the new member party! awesome I’m using my member penguin.

Go to the corner for the jukebox/speaker system you can do an awesome dance with it, The break!

Here the pic To break take of all items except jukebox/speaker system and press D on your keyboard!

You can also change the light on the floor it’s pretty sweet press the buttons to see.

Go to the side of the room to go in the dance contest I find it boring ’cause it’s pretty much the same thing as guitar hero which i got for christmas 🙂 ( I got number 3).

You play by puching the arrow buttons on your keyboard I find it boring.

It’s also really cool how your name shows up on the screen.

Well thats about it for the dance party! have fun and enjoy



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