Contest is coming!

Contest over!  spike wins!

Update: The current winner of the contest is spike6196


Ok hi guys i am not here for a post im here for a contest!!!!!! the contest is for member penguin which is kinda a tiny bit rare not really since all the rare items came back 😦

well heres a pic

the contest will be a commenting contest the person who has the most comments in 3 days time wins!

You will also be on my blogroll

And have your site advertised in 1 post as well a picture of your penguin

if you have won one of my contests before please do not enter!!!!!!


also there must be at least 50 comments by the end of the contest

All comment will stay in moderation


555 Responses to Contest is coming!

  1. ANisH says:

    hello SLIDER123
    i will give advice to you that you should advertise your site on the other popular site
    and if you are AUTHOR of any site there you should post your site
    ENJOY 😉

  2. slideslider1 says:

    heyy! i reached 3,000 hits! im gonna ave a party ( info undecided so far )
    please come if you can, but i will tell you when te info is up…well, you can check back if you want lol

  3. Puffleagent0 says:

    Hey slider! Remember this:
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

  4. ~Cca~ says:

    8 my time its only 6:57

  5. ~Cca~ says:


  6. chinese9 says:

    hey did u make my header yet????

  7. 3doglove3 says:

    have u made my banner yet….this is 3doglove3 if u didnt no…

  8. spike6196 says:

    2 Can I E-mail you a picture of me?

  9. spike6196 says:

    3 Also, can you approve all comments? It will be a lot more fun!!!!!!

  10. spike6196 says:

    20 :0 What;s your E-mail address?

  11. spike6196 says:

    31 Wait. Did the contest start yet?

  12. spike6196 says:

    32 The title of the post is that a contest is coming.

  13. spike6196 says:

    200 🙂 😉 :O

  14. spike6196 says:

    202 Will you post the winner soon?

  15. spike6196 says:

    253! Yay I’m winning the contest so far! Woo hoo! When will you end the contest?

  16. spike6196 says:

    425, It’s exactly 9:00 now! Lets see who the winner is! Is it me?

  17. spike6196 says:

    Do I need to keep commenting?

  18. spike6196 says:

    445 E-mail me the name and password at if I win!

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