Coins for change and rh!

Update: I forgot to post the stage cheats . Click the golden puffle for the crook and flail

Hey peeps coins fo rchange and rockhopper is here!

Step one

Find a charity bin to donate (migrator,plaza,beach)





Step two

Choose which area you would like to help out in

Step three

Choose how much you want to donate remember every coin counts!

Now for the new igloo catalog

click the holly berries for the leaning tree

Click the rope for the welcome matt

And finally Rh’s free item this time its the red beanie



6 Responses to Coins for change and rh!

  1. slider123 says:

    This took me a while please use it well

  2. Ripe red ham says:

    Amazing Red mrp! I didnt know that u had a awsome cheat site. oh yeah,you owe me btw i helped you to get ninja!

  3. mmopuk says:


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  4. StarandWiifan says:

    posted by Wiifan7 10

    Awesome site. Visit mine. How did you get snow on your blog?

  5. ANisH says:

    Hello slider123
    this is a cool post
    it is awesome
    check mine post also

  6. snowy1900 says:

    nice post

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