New newspaper!

Update : thanks to my friend ripe red ham for helping me become a ninja!

Hello penguin! slider123 here lets start off with the new newspaper It explains ALOT about coins for change nearly on every page!

Coins for change and Rockhopper is coming tomorrow cant wait! I think Rockhopper made it so that coins you earn go to coins for change if you would like them to!

Today in the “secrets revealed” was the silver surfboard everyone knows that!

In other news I became a ninja yesterday it took me 8 tries to beat sensei! Once you beat him you can go to a secret hideout!


3 Responses to New newspaper!

  1. fosters1537 says:

    Nice Post!
    But may I ask a simple question?
    Where did you get the URL code for the Poll and Fan art widgets?

    Slider123: Ahh thats a good question Email me because it takes a while to explain! haha


  2. ben4joncp says:

    Im really sorry but theres a problem with my editor.Ill try to have it done by next week ok?

    slider123: Ok thats fine 🙂


  3. Ripe red ham says:

    No problemo! anything to help a friend 🙂

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