new chatbox!

Hello penguins i have been working hard on our new slider123 chatbox! I will be recruiting moderators soon as well as another owner! i might have a contest for it 😀  😈 sounds awesome! tell your friends to go on it because im practically always on it!

click here to visit!

Bye! 🙂

P.S. Whoever puts this link on their site will get their site advertised in 1 post

P.S.S  merry christmas!









4 Responses to new chatbox!

  1. gulchi says:

    Please add me as an admin for the chatbox.
    P.S Take part in my contst page,and yes you are allowed for numbers!
    Gulchi 😉

  2. ben4joncp says:

    Hey im working on your header it should be done in 2 days.Also i hope to see you at my party.Party info at hope you can come.It will be recorded Man101 will be there and I’ll take pics for our blog.


    Slider123: Im really sorry ben4joncp When the party was on i was asleep i live in australia and our time zones our different im really sorry i couldn’t come please forgive me 😦

  3. ANisH says:

    hello SLIDER123,
    i am Anish002
    my site is
    i also have my hits nearly your hits
    i want to say you that can you add me to your blogroll ,
    if you can add me than comment me to my site and i will add you and then add me also
    do you know that GULCHI is administrator of my site also
    so my site is

  4. ANisH says:

    add me ok

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