New catalog and pin!

Update: I have made it so it snows on my site !!! 🙂 🙂

Hello penguins! slider123 here!the new pin and catalog has come out.

To start off the new pin is in the pet shop and is a snowfort

Click all four light at the bottom of the page for the yellow scarf

Click the penguins face for the red viking helmet click 4 times for the blue viking helmet!

And can u believe it! they bought back the black toque the item they said would not come back!

click the top of the tree for the russion hat!

Click the lighthouse for the red hoodie!

Click the pink flipper for the black mask!


Click the girls hair bow for the pink pom pom

Go to the background page and click the 60 coins each button for the black scuba mask


6 Responses to New catalog and pin!

  1. ANisH says:

    hello SLIDER123,
    i copied because i was busy okay
    and i didn’t copied from you
    i just copied from GUlCHI
    and GULCHI know that i copied from him for you kind information.
    and for blogroll ,no problem i am not requesting

  2. gulchi says:

    Cool down slider.I know anish copied the ninja guide from me but
    don’t be so angry.
    Gulchi 😉

  3. gulchi says:

    Hey slider,
    I had many coins but i spent them when i became member!
    Gulchi 😉

    Slider123: haha that would happen to me if i was a member lol


  4. flubby123456 says:

    Hey!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Slider123: No problem your site is great! you have 11,000 hits i only have 1,300 or something


  5. snowy1900 says:

    ur comment on my site was not very nice

  6. snowy1900 says:

    so i deleted it

    Slider123: Yes but what you said was disgusting


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