I am a new I think contibutor on sliders blog. Here is a pic  of my penguins Hunterbug  and Pokesav pic of either Hunterbug or Pokesav I’m mostly on the servers Frozen Fjord. new-new-new-curser  here is Hunterbug hunterbug-cursor




10 Responses to Hello

  1. No prob and do you know what a Smart Board is? I saved up half of the money and my mom bought the rest I got one now! I just have to instal it. 😛

  2. slider123 says:

    sure i do my school haas one in its ict room as wella s one for evry year

  3. I am drawing over my screen and typing on the board! Go Smart Boards!

    Slider123: Cool!


  4. shawn1202 says:

    hi havent been on this site in a while!

    Slider123: I’m glad you came back!


  5. snowy1900 says:

    awesome post!

  6. Sharp Ninja says:

    Sweet! Welcome to the site!

  7. slideslider1 says:

    hi, im slideslider1, visit my site, please add me to your blogroll, i added you.www.anttney123.wordpress.com

    Slider123: dont copy my name Imade it and your site is new so i think that you visited my site and liked my name and copied it

  8. gulchi says:

    I am confuse that how my site can be improved?
    Plaese comment at my site telling me what to do?
    Gulchi 😉

  9. 3doglove3 says:

    i just got tryed of my other one so here are the things i would like for my baner….i just want a banner that has this photo in it http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e191/3doglove3/pinkpenguinawww.jpg and that says twilight lover somewhere on it , and the other thing is 904 x 160 pixels

    Slider123: Normally i would reffer this to red mrp but ill make you one anyway 😀 I will only make it if you advertise my site on yours


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