We are at 1000!!!!

Yes everyone the time has come we are at 1,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’d just like to thank everyone who helped out here are a few


gulchi= for encouraging me when i was about to quit

Robcp1= for advertising my blog when i first started it

shawn1201= for commenting at least 221 times on my blog


I am sure there a more out there and i thank everyone this is something i will remember for a long while


thank you!!!!!!!



P.s. i am now a green belt on the ninja game


4 Responses to We are at 1000!!!!

  1. slider123 says:

    Because im feeling happy i will advertise everyones blog if they comment bellow and ill put it up!

  2. gulchi says:

    Lets make it up to 2,000 hits!
    If you want,i can advertise your site at my site.Just comment at my site!
    Gulchi 😉

  3. gulchi says:

    Well i am so happy,
    You posted about me!Can you gift me one more thing.Will you be my freind for life?Please comment at my site,If you want to be my freind.
    BTW : I have added you on my blogroll.
    Gulchi 😉

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