I have a new penguin!

Hi peeps I have a new penguin my friend gave me he has a site but barely goes on it any more its called red mrp


and all those rumours that im red mrp are fake me and my friend came to my house and were making jokes and stuff


also dont forget if you would like to work on  my site look bellow


2 Responses to I have a new penguin!

  1. shawn1202 says:

    that was your friend you made 3dogslove3 header?

    Slider123: Yes but I was there when he made it his banners are simple mine are better!

  2. ANisH says:

    hello SLIDER123
    can you add me to your blogroll if you want than plz comment me on my site and then i will add you to my blogroll
    ok byee

    Slider123: Sorry anish I am not adding people to my blogroll right now sorry


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