Contest !

i will be having a contest for this penguin 911 days old member non-chat 😦 its a commenting contest first to 100!



122 Responses to Contest !

  1. shawn1202 says:

    i found the penuin you gave me on another site!

    You got it off a other site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shawn1202 says:

    100 😀
    I win!

    And the last penguin is from ojoc’s site
    and Sunrise Moon’s site

    So get me a new penguin that people dont know plz!

    thx tell me on my site when you email me!

    I might give u a new one i might not actually ill make u a deal. if u comment 20 more times ill replace it with a member that i use

  3. slider123 says:

    shawn u are to good

  4. shawn1202 says:

    ok i will get the member 1

  5. shawn1202 says:

    120 i got the 20 comments so i get the member!

  6. shawn1202 says:

    i found that penguin i just one on bodge101’s site

    Can you get ones that you got and not on any sites plz!

  7. gulchi says:

    I am having a contest at my site!The winner will get a 910 days old penguin+it’s a member!
    Please Participate in the contest.

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