To start off go to the snow forts and get a pumpkin basket

Then click in the corner to start the hunt

The first Candy is in the snow forts click the blue flag to get it

The next Candy is in the dance lounge click the lamp shade to get it there is also a movie in the lounge

The next Candy is in the lodge atic in the blue box click it to get the Candy

The next Candy is located in the Plaza click the bubbles to get it

The next candy is at the cove click the warning sign and a candy will jump ontop of the surf hut click it

Next go to the iceberg and click the square in the northern lights

The next Candy is on the lighthouse balcony wait for three lightning flashes then click it

The last Candy is in the book room click the book and it will roll click it

For all you members out there click the green candle to go into the science lab grab the lantern

sadly i cant enter since im non member 😦

Click continue for the background

There u go!

Well thats all! thank you and bye bye comment bellow on how u think the party was


7 Responses to Halloween!

  1. flubby123456 says:

    Are you new? Well good luck! Can I be on your blogroll?

  2. snowy1900 says:

    im guessing somone is happy lol!!!

  3. gulchi says:

    hello slider123,
    I think your site is super cool!

  4. gulchi says:

    Comment Back!
    at my site

  5. gulchi says:

    i understand that you have to have 1000 hits in the next months.
    But,for that must have more yhan 5000 hits.if you still want to be on my blogroll than you must comment regularly on my blog for the next week
    Gulchi 😉

  6. gulchi says:

    I have a made a new site called ultimate blogroll.I have added you there:-)
    I can’t add you on my official blogroll.Sorry:-(
    But still you are on my Ultimate blogroll!
    Click this link to get to my new site :

  7. gulchi says:

    Reply There 🙂

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