Happy birthday cp!

First of all go to the town and go to the coffee shop notice RH’S cannon on the side (shoots tofee)


Then once in coffee shop click the fan


The fan will blow the cake and the hat is there there is also the returned blue icecream apron


Then head upstairs for the new yearbook!

The head over to the night club and look at the floor and lights!


 Go upstairs for the new aniversary pin- a cake!



Thats all for the party




Thats all folks also visit gulchis site! he was the one who made me blog again click here for his site


6 Responses to Happy birthday cp!

  1. snowy1900 says:


  2. revinder says:

    Can I be on your blogroll? I’ll put you on mine. Let me know by a comment on my site.


  3. revinder says:

    You posted a commented stating that you put me on your blogroll. I don’t see “Coko999” anywhere on your blog and I put your site on my blog so please put mine on yours.

  4. ojoc says:

    I just found over 500 swfs that work!
    plz visit my site to see them


  5. revinder says:

    Sorry, I was acting a bit rude the previous comment.

  6. snowy1900 says:

    yay i have 500 hits! happy b day club penguin!!!

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