Igloo upgrades & Items!

September 18, 2009

Hey guys CP released all the igloo things today well start with the igloo items cheats!

Click the ticket booth for the Piano:

Click the Window for the Bowling alley:

Click the Gramophone for the band stage:

click the construction barrier for the bowling pin:

Click the Column ruins for the guitar stand:

Click the Torch for the LCD:

Thats all for the items now for the igloo Upgrades!

Click the crowbar for the secret stone igloo:

Click the all four candies for the Gingerbread house!:

Click the Door for the secret deluxe stone igloo:

Well thats all guys! Comment what you think about the cheats!




New Surprise Party!

September 14, 2009

Hey Guys CP has released a new surprise party that no one new about!!

As you first notice the sky is colored orange and red. It has something to do with the fire puffles and the burning Pizzas?

Sensei Made the party and he says:

Help me gather Fiery items,
To prepare for a new ninja journey.
The sky tells us that the time has arrived!

Wierd Huh? he made a Scavenger hunt like on easter.

Click the Flame Thing to start!

They give you clues to find the “Fiery items”

The First one is at the lodge.

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the Ski Village
  3. Now click the Door to the lodge
  4. click on the firewood.

The Second one is at the Book Room.

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the Town
  3. Click the door to the Coffee shop
  4. Walk upstairs
  5. Click the Candle

The third one is at the Pet Shop

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the Plaza
  3. Click the door to the petshop
  4. Click the puffle it will go on fire
  5. Click the puffle again

The forth one is at the Mine

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the mine
  3. Click the entrance to the mine
  4. Click the Lantern

The fifth one is at the Pizza Parlour

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the Plaza
  3. Click the door to the Pizza Parlour
  4. Click the bottle of Hot sauce it will go on fire
  5. Click it again

The sixth one is at the Cove.

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the Cove
  3. Click the Wood on the fire.

The seventh one is at the Lighthouse Beacon.

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the lighthouse
  3. Click the To top button
  4. Click the jetpack
  5. Click it again.

The eighth one is at the Dojo Courtyard

  1. Click the map
  2. Click the Dojo
  3. Click the Lantern.

You now have all of them!

Click Claim Prize!

collect the pin.

If you are a Ninja go to the Ninja Hideout! its awesome. Sensei made a machine that deposits the items underground it runs on cloud wave bracers!

Put on your Bracers and press W to see it move!

If your not a ninja click HERE to be one!

Comment what you think!

Thats all!



update on the fair!

September 11, 2009

Hey guys i just got back from camp the updates just got released!

First the updates on the fair have started and you can get the new hat for 150 tickets. If you need tickets scroll down.

Dont you think its wierd how they display the hats on human faces not penguins? anyway.

The new Pin is at the Pizza Parlour and is the 101 Days pin. The whole 101 idea was a bit of a failure but whatever.

New PIN!

Something else too. there some places around the island where black ninja puffles are sitting if you are a ninja put on either your member costume or the black belt and mask then walk towards them to set them on FIRE!! If your not already a ninja click here

The new old stage called “The Penguins That time Forgot” is back for like the trillionth time. gawd, I wish theyd put in new ones.

click The costume trunk to view the stuff and also there the background too

Click The G to get the grass skirt

You can also get the old background.

New cheat/glitche

September 6, 2009

Hey guys!,

Today i found a knew cheat on how to get heaps of fair tickets!

First go to puffle paddle

Get a descent score around 100+

Then press TAB until the yellow box is around the X button like so:

Then press enter as many times as you can while the screen is blue and loading.

the more times you press it the more tickets!!!

From 151 to 524 SIMPLE!!!!




Fall Fair!

September 4, 2009

Hey guys Rockhopper and the fair is here!!!! YAY!!!

Click the tickets to start

There are 6 new games this year! all of them are heaps fun!

The easiest way to make tickets is with puffle paddle which is at the snow forts and Ring the bell at the Dock.

Once you have enough tickets in total which is 300 you can get the items!

Go to the forest to buy them!


Also Rockhopper is also here. they had a glitche before that you couldnt get in, its now fixed and you can get the free item, the Viking HAT???!!!!!! YAY

Thats All guys see ya!



New Pin!

August 28, 2009

Hey guys the new pin is here!

How to get the new pin:

  1. Open up your map
  2. Click the cove on the right
  3. Walk on it to pick it up!

You now have the new pin!

Also the new Snow and sports catalogue has been released there are no new cheats!

It now has green team as part of it?!

Also Check the lighthouse! its full of decorations!!!

(Click to view full size)

Thats all for now!



Black Screen???

August 27, 2009

Hey guys i was just in the HQ when I noticed something- Theres an empty screen at the top. I think it might be for a new room probably the tallest mountain.If you cant get access to the HQ click here : https://slider123.wordpress.com/psa-agenttour-guide/

If it was the tallest mountain it would be here on the map:

It might be something totally different! Comment below on what you think.